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Water Pots For Birds

With our experience of many years of handling birds rescue we identified that lots of birds gets distressed due to heat in summer. They just lose their strength of flying due to dehydration in hot summer.

We have started distributing water pots free of cost to people and started appealing them to put pots in their balcony or garden and replace water every day for birds

We are doing this since three years with help of generous donor and we have distributed 17000 pots in last two years and we have target of 25000 pots in year 2013.

This unique project is executed in a very organized way by having multiple centers of distributions to facilitate the sensitive people to take part. Active awareness and motivation campaigns are run throughout the summer to distribute maximum number of water pots throughout the city.

The water pots are specially prepared earthen vessels which can be hanged on trees or in balconies. The water remains cool and hence it’s very effective in preventing dehydration in birds in extreme heat. This project is well supported by unique IT system to register the mobile numbers of the participants to remind them for filling up the water regularly.

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