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Tree Rescue

There are various kinds of threats to full grown urban trees like chocking due to pavement or road and also the tree guards that are not removed even after the trees are fully grown.

We discovered that these threats prevail to thousands of trees in Surat and brought this to SMC’s notice.

We have requested SMC to give us permission to cut the tree guard to save the trees. And with SMCs permission we cut 170 tree guards from the trees and rescued from chocking as a pilot project. SMC then made it a system to remove tree guards from all the full grown trees in Surat.

In another major campaign our team made representation to SMC bringing their attention towards a chocking of trunk due to pavement and roads. SMC acted immediately by changing the method of pavement to provide the needed space around the tree and a color.

This has saved and secures thousands of full grown trees in the city.

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