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"ResQuark" - Rescue Management System

The tremendous work we do is mainly involving voluntary services from our team with able expert guidance. This is only possible due to our excellent system in place, which has evolved with time.

We have good IT system using technologies like internet, mobile applications, SMS and GPS to deploy the best resource for the task in best possible time for best possible result, given any amount of workload.


Our system has proven its capability by providing real time data visible to everyone. The data keeping gives us great transparency and more over it gives us a great chance to analyze and improve our work.

Our system WON an award by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organization (FIAPO) as best use of technology and process in animal welfare. They have invited us to propose the platform to allow every NGO of India to use the same system to help lakhs of animals and birds throughout India.

Once we make this possible, we will be handling the huge data of nationwide rescue and will result us to provide scientific analysis reports. This will open up and avenue for innovative projects in the same field to be more effective.

This is MIS of unique kind; first of its kind that saves animal, birds, snakes and trees.


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