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Chaka Chak

As part of our awareness campaign we concentrate on the school children as they are the fresh mind to train and culture setup at childhood level will last long. We also believe, if we want to delivery right message to elder people, their children is the best source to send message to the family. And they are our future generation should be prepared to fight against the challenge of environment issues like global warming and all.

For the same purpose, we identified a film called “Chaka Chak” which talks about children from the society forming a group called “Toli” to fight against the issues of environment. And mainly it conveys message to everyone on what oneself can contribute on the related issues.

We have acquired license of screening this film in Gujarat state. We have arranged multiple shows for many school children in theater for the same movie at free of cost. And we also motivated school to create a same group in own school fighting for the environmental issue and raising the awareness to the people.


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