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Motivation behind PRAYAS: Team Environment

The history has loud and clear evidence that lack of creative activism has put generations on decline; both existentially and spiritually. The similar situation persists today also where the industrialization and modern consumerism has resulted into a death-wish for the mankind. Environmental degradation and continuous abuse of Mother Nature has rendered this heavenly planet to the brink of a disaster. Some concerned and motivated people have always tried their best to make the society to come out of its blind race for obvious materialism. It will be a complete misfortune if our age of great scientific discoveries fails to understand the basic need to conserve our environment and nature.

We, the Earthlings have entered into the 21st century with many achievements. As we have found newer ways to escape from the perfect solution of living simpler lives, we have managed to give our kids; some great electronic luxuries, great fashion, some scintillating music and a lot of non-reusable, non-biodegradable, non-recyclable waste that they have to inherit.

Concerned at above alarming state of affairs, we have started in our small way, to reach to as many as we can and to make them aware of what is being lost, and how together we can make a change.

PRAYAS: Team Environment” as the name suggests is a collective endeavor, an effort to make some change in our lives through education and direct action towards conservation of environment and nature.

Our logo depicts the three values sensitivity, determination and courage; that we imbibe in our endeavor in the form of humans supporting the cause of green earth. 'PRAYAS' means endeavor in Hindi and Gujarati that has its root in Sanskrit meaning 'an honest effort'.

We are a team of dedicated volunteers involved in our respective professions that are as diverse as the languages in India and cultures in the world. One aim of working together for nature conservation and environment education fuels our united efforts.

Mission Statement

"To strive in united team endeavor for conservation of nature and protection of environment through education and direct action."


  • Environment Education and Nature Conservation through direct and indirect actions. Primary target area of our direct interaction is the educational institutions of urban and rural areas of Surat and South Gujarat but we aim to touch as many as we can in India and the world.
  • To work towards building a sensitive human society that values the human existence on earth in tune with nature, starting from small community actions and working at grass root.
  • Creating a strong voice in support of environmental issues amongst urban and rural community.
  • To extend our resources and abilities to the government and non-government organizations with similar objectives towards environment and nature.

Our Inspiration

What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.

Mahatma Gandhi

The environmental crisis is an outward manifestation of a crisis of mind and spirit. There could be no greater misconception of its meaning than to believe it is concerned only with endangered wildlife, human-made ugliness and pollution. These are part of it, but more importantly, the crisis is concerned with the kind of creates we are and what we must become in order to survive.

Lynton K Caldwell

Our Work areas:

1. Environment Education & Awareness:

Our prime objective is to plan, design and conduct environment education programs in schools & common people. They include presentations, quiz, movies, talks, games, street plays and puppet shows. Publications and resource material like books, audio/video material, leaflets, and e-learning courses are our important tools that we are planning to evolve.

2. Direct Conservation Efforts:

Our direct action campaigns include habitat conservation, energy conservation, alternative and renewable energy projects, Reduce - Reuse - Recycle projects, water conservation and harvesting, waste minimization and urban eco-community projects involving community and educational institutions.

3. Animal Welfare:

"Kindness is contagious" the motto of Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) is the driving force for our rescue & relief of animals, birds, reptiles in distress. We propagate public awareness for compassion for animals.

We are supported by ‘International Fund for Animal Welfare’ (IFAW) in our emergency relief operations.

4. Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

Wildlife rescue & rehabilitation interests many of our members. We advocate wildlife habitat conservation and protection of wildlife at all possible levels.

We are working on or planning important projects with the Forest Department Gujarat State. We are a part of Wildlife Rehabilitators Exchange Network (WREN) of Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) to look after the wildlife issues in South Gujarat.

Join our Team Environment in our service to nature and environment.

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